All memberships are initially for an agreed period (eg 3 months / 6 months / 12 months). When you completed your membership agreement, you essentially agreed to pay off that membership in weekly or fortnightly instalments (unless you have paid your membership up front). Your payment is not for a week or fortnight’s training – it is an instalment on your total membership. These instalments are direct debited from your nominated bank account on the agreed date. During this time you are entitled to all the benefits of your membership. All membership fees have been calculated to take into account public holidays, up to four weeks of personal holidays and the period between Christmas and New Year when the Academy is closed.

Once your initial membership term has been completed, your membership will continue on a month to month basis.         After this initial term you may now cancel your membership with 30 days written notice. The 30 days’ notice will commence from the date you have completed and submitted the required cancellation form at either our Clarkson or Woodvale locations.

Premier Academy offers two membership types – Kickstarter and Gold. Regardless of which membership you choose, you must train in the class that is most appropriate to your age and belt level unless you have been given permission by an instructor to train in a different class.

A Kickstarter membership allows you to train twice a week on days that you nominate. We will ask you to nominate two regular training days and one reserve day. If you wish to change your training days then you must advise Reception as soon as possible to make sure there will be space available on your desired days. Unused classes do not rollover or accumulate. If you miss a class you may make up that class the following week on your reserve day. However, during December and January, Kickstarter members may train in unlimited classes on any day they wish. Members on a Kickstarter membership are not able to train in our extra-curricular classes such as Competition Taekwondo or Kickboxing  – a Gold membership is required for access to these classes in addition to an invitation from the instructors.

If you have a Gold membership, you can train in as many classes as you like on any day that suits you. A gold membership offers you the flexibility to change your training days “on the fly” as much as you need. You do not need to advise us in advance of any changes to your training days. Members who have a Gold membership can also train in our extra-curricular classes provided they have been invited and meet the necessary criteria.


All new members at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy read and sign the following when they first join to indicate that they understand our membership terms and conditions.

  • I understand my membership is for the term specified above, paid upfront or in regular installments via direct debit, and I am committing to pay this membership in full whether I am attending training or not.
  • I understand Kickstarter members may train a maximum of twice per week, and only on their nominated days. Unused lessons do not roll over. However, during December & January Kickstarter members can train in unlimited classes per week.
  • I understand the Academy is only closed for public holidays and over Christmas/New Year period, and that my membership fees have been calculated to take this time, plus up to four weeks of personal holidays, into account.
  • I understand I am responsible for disclosing all relevant medical issues to Premier Academy in form of a notice from my medical professional.
  • I understand I may apply to suspend my membership for up to 6 weeks due to injury or illness by completing the appropriate form at the Academy plus supplying a medical certificate. Only under exceptional circumstances will suspension be granted for other reasons (minimum of 4 weeks), but not during December and January, and school holidays throughout the year.
  • I understand grading is held three times a year and a fee applies for each grading. These fees are published on the Academy website.
  • I understand that no membership credit is given for cancelled memberships, and no refunds are given for memberships or gear under any circumstances.
  • I understand that I may apply to cancel my membership after my minimum commitment term (see above) by giving 30 days’ notice. This must be done by making a cancellation appointment at the Academy and completing the appropriate Cancellation Form. Verbal or email notice will not be accepted. I understand that I may be required to pay for any gear or uniforms I have received if I cancel within 12 months of joining.
  • I understand that training in Martial Arts is a potentially dangerous activity and that:
    • there is possibility that injuries may occur during your training
    • students are responsible for their own safety and the safety of those around them
    • students have the right and responsibility to excuse themselves from any exercise they believe will be harmful to them
    • Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is not liable for any injuries incurred
  • I understand that I must abide by the rules of the Academy, including to wear only Premier-supplied uniforms and sparring gear in all classes:
    • All students require boxing gloves within the first month of starting training
    • Juniors, Teens and Adults require a full set of sparring gear before grading for their Yellow Belt
    • Students wearing non-approved gear or uniforms will not be allowed to take part in classes
  • I GIVE / DO NOT GIVE Premier Academy consent to use my image and likeness in its publications, advertising or other media activities (including the Internet). If given, this consent is given in perpetuity and without expectation of compensation or remuneration.


To be able to continue to enjoy the many benefits of your membership at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy your fees must be up to date. If you fall behind in your fees you will not be able to train or to grade. If you need to make arrangements to reschedule a payment or catch up on a missed payment, or change your bank details, then you should contact Premier Academy directly.

If you fall behind in your payments, and have not entered into any arrangement to bring your fees up to date, then Premier Academy may refer your case to a debt collection agency. Once this happens, the collection agency will attempt to recover the entire balance of your membership. Debt collection referrals can also have a very negative impact on your credit rating so it is in your best interests not to let unpaid fees get to this stage.


You have entered into a membership agreement to pay for a certain period of training and are expected to honour that contract. However, once your initial membership term is completed you can cancel your membership with 30 days’ notice. To cancel your membership you will need to come into the Academy to complete a cancellation form. At this time we will advise you of any outstanding amounts that must be paid, and the date on which your membership will expire – you are encourage to keep training up till this date.

There is no credit or refunds given for cancelled memberships. If you cancel your membership during the first 12 months of joining then may also be liable for the cost of any items such as uniforms or sparring gear given to you at the time of signing your membership agreement.



If a member is unable to train for a period of two to six weeks, then they may request to suspend their membership. Your membership payments will stop for the agreed time, then automatically resume once this time has expired. Suspension is usually only granted for illness or injury, and when accompanied by supporting documentation such as a medical certificate. Only in exceptional circumstances will suspension be granted due to an extended holiday of four weeks or more. Suspension of a membership is not available during the months of December or January as this period has already been taken into account in calculating your membership fees. To suspend your membership a form must be completed, and supporting documentation submitted, as soon as possible at the Academy.

If a member is unable to continue training, then their membership can be transferred to an immediate family member. Their payments will continue as normal until the membership runs out, but the nominated family member will take advantage of the value remaining on their membership. Only memberships that are up to date with payments may be transferred in this way.

If for any reason you have paid for training time in excess of four weeks that has not been used, then you may be granted “hold time” provided this was negotiated at the time of your absence. This “hold time” will be held at the Academy until it is used by the original member or a member of their immediate family.


All memberships at Premier Academy renew automatically until further notice after the initial term. After your initial term has completed you will essentially be on a month to month membership.

If you decide to stop your membership and your training at our Academy you will need to give us 30 days’ notice by completing a form to end your membership. This helps to ensure that your payments stop on the correct date. If you have not filled in and signed the cancellation form, any extra payments made after your agreement are non-refundable and will be added to time owing to you.

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy operates several extra-curricular programs in order to allow our students to expand their martial arts journey. These programs are our Competition Team, Leadership Program and our Demo Team.


Our Competition Team trains twice a well during school terms – see our timetable for the current training times. They train to improve their sparring skills in order to compete in a variety of martial arts tournaments, ranging from Olympic Taekwondo to kickboxing to Mixed Martial Arts. Students are welcome to train in this program simply to improve their sparring skills – there is no pressure to compete. However, only student who are training regularly in this program will be eligible to be selected to represent Premier Academy in local, state, national and international tournaments. Students also must have a Gold membership to train in this program.

Students involved in the Competition Training must have their full set of sparring gear to take part in this training. They will also need to purchase additional equipment to use in class and in competition (arms guards, foot guards, gloves, padded jacket, white helmet, white uniform). As the rules for what is allowed in competition are very strict, this gear should ordered through the Academy to ensure it meets the required standard. Payments must accompany all orders.

For more information, ask your instructor or talk to Reception.


Our Leadership Program provides students with the opportunity to develop the skills to needed to become an assistant martial arts instructor. Leadership Program members only need to commit to helping out in one class a week, in addition to their own training. To further develop their skills they also train in a special session on the first Saturday of every month and complete two to three seminars each year. All of Premier Academy’s instructors have graduated from this system.

Junior students must be a 9 years or older, and a Blue Belt or above, to be a member of this program. Teen and Adult students can join the program once they a Yellow Belt Black Stripe or above. For more information, ask your instructor or talk to Reception.


The Demo Team train every Saturday in advanced kicking, board breaking and weapons such as the Bo staff and nunchaku, in order to be able to perform at Academy and community events. Junior, Teen and Adult students who are Blue Belt and above can try out for the Demo Team. To be selected to perform you will need to be committed to attending your regular training as well as Demo Training every Saturday. Team members may also need to purchase their own weapons and Demo Team uniform if they wish to continue. Students also must have a Gold membership to train in this program.