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female only martial arts

Martial Arts for Women
All About Premier Academy’s Women Only Martial Arts

Premier Academy offers Female Only Martial Arts classes using the industry-leading Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum used throughout our Academy. The training in our Women’s martial arts classes Perth is suitable for women from all ages and walks of life and will:
• allow you to train in an environment designed to meet your needs;
• teach you to use your whole body through a combination of the arts of Taekwondo, Kick Boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu;
• give you access to a dynamic, in-depth and alive mixed martial arts curriculum;
• teach you streetwise, real-world self-defence skills that actually work;
• improve your overall cardio fitness, strength and flexibility;
• provide the opportunity to develop the mental strength you need to deal with life’s challenges.

Women’s Martial Arts Classes Perth
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Our instructors are constantly training and refining our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum to ensure that students are always provided with the most progressive, effective and modern martial arts experience.

Taekwondo for Women

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