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Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy offers a unique style of kickboxing classes in Perth with training that is fast-paced, explosive and powerful. It is based on a dynamic blend of

This style of kickboxing forms the basis of the striking component of our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum. Premier Academy’s kickboxing instructors are continually refining the skills and techniques that form our curriculum – ensuring that our students are always training in the most modern and progressive system possible. All members learn this system, with kickboxing competition classes available to those who are interested in developing that aspect of their training. 

Premier Academy’s motto is “Fitness with Meaning”! You don’t have to be in shape or fit, there is no prior experience necessary! If you would like to experience the excitement and challenge of our Kickboxing classes, we invite you to book a trial session


Perth Kickboxing Classes
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Kickboxing is a catch all term that is used to refer to many different forms of martial arts based on striking with the hands and feet. Premier Academy prides itself on being Western Australia’s most progressive institute of martial arts. You will find that our kickboxing classes cover everything from cardio conditioning and self-defence to one-on-one competition in the ring.

If you are looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or you’re just after a kick-ass cardio workout, kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy will keep you coming back for more.

Kickboxing classes can be an excellent way to get a whole body workout, whether you’re easing back into working out, hitting the gym for the first time, or just looking for a change to your workout. As a beginner or even as an experienced martial artist, you will get the most effective workout and functional fitness because you will train at a level that appropriate for you — not for the rest of the class. The kickboxing instructors at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy will make sure the classes do not overwhelm you. They will help you push yourself so you can feel confident about progressing quickly.

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy  – Western Australia’s most advanced institute of martial arts – is conveniently located in Perth’s northern suburbs, providing excellence in kickboxing classes to the suburbs of Clarkson, Mindarie, Butler, Connolly, Kinross, Merriwa, Ridgewood, Alkimos, Quinns Rocks, Jindalee, Burns Beach, Iluka, Ocean Reef, Joondalup, Currambine, Carramar and Banksia Grove.

What is involved in Kickboxing Classes?

Kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is made up of three key skill areas – boxing, kicking and kickboxing. Boxing involves using your fists and your forearms into offensive and defensive weapons. Most people find Boxing quite natural as it is relatively intuitive to strike with your hands. For this reason most beginners classes will focus on basic Boxing skills in order to make students feel comfortable. 

Beginners will learn to jab, cross and hook as well basic front and side covers for defence.Kicking involves using your feet and legs as weapons. Common kicks for beginners to learn include push kicks, front kicks, roundhouse kicks and axe kicks.

Kickboxing Classes in Perth

Premier Academy bases its kicking skills on the world-famous techniques of Taekwondo. Your legs are very strong and powerful so learning correct kicking techniques is vital. Compared to boxing, you will need a bit more distance between you and your opponent if you are going to utilise your kicking skills!

The third and final element is combining your kicks with your punches in a smooth, flowing manner so that your punches set up your kicks and your kicks set up your punches. At the beginning level most students will strike only with their fists, move around a bit and then strike only with their feet. They kick and then they box – they are not Kickboxing. It takes time and patience to master the ability to combine your kicks with your punches in a fluid, seamless manner  – this is the true art of Premier Freestyle kickboxing!

Frequently Asked Questions about Kickboxing Perth

Perth kickboxing students come to us from age 4 to 74. Some students are in shape, while others are overweight or lacking in fitness or confidence. Some come for self-defence, fitness and others for fun. Each person is treated equally and is trained to the best of their own ability and potential. A student is never compared to anyone else. At Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy our instructors are there to guide, instruct and motivate you to be the best that you can be. We develop and inspire Perth people to be physically and mentally healthy, so they have the energy and resilience to deal with life’s challenges. The rewards will last a lifetime once you begin your martial arts journey. Training in kickboxing in Perth is the best investment you might ever make in yourself!

If you would like to experience the excitement and challenge of kickboxing classes in Perth, we invite you to come in and visit our school to begin your FREE Introductory kickboxing lesson. You will have the opportunity to speak with the instructors and meet our friendly, professional staff. Through this free introductory lesson, you will get a first-hand understanding of the excitement, energy, empowerment, and life changing benefits of training in mixed martial arts at our Perth Academy. From here you can then try out some classes as part of our Introductory Program with no obligation.

You don’t have to be in shape and there is no prior experience necessary. We will start your training from where you are right now and then the only way is UP! Our Perth kickboxing classes will rapidly improve the fitness of students who have not done much previous physical training and will also challenge those who think they are fit!

Like all sports, injuries may happen when training in kickboxing. It may surprise you to know that kickboxig is not even in the top ten for sporting injuries in Australia! At Perth’s Premier Academy everything is done to create the safest possible training environment and the most serious injury the average student experiences is an infrequent bruise or soft tissue strain.

For your introductory or trial lessons you can wear any fitness clothing that you are comfortable punching and kicking in. Shoes are not necessary. A towel and a drink bottle are a good idea as you will get sweaty! Once you start training regularly you will need a Premier Academy kickboxing uniform, but this is usually part of your membership. By the end of your first month your will need boxing gloves, and by your first grading your will need the rest of your sparring gear – a helmet and shin guards. For safety reasons, all gear must be purchased from Premier Academy.

There are classes mornings and evenings, and you can train as many times as you like – there is no limit on classes! Perth’s Premier Academy is open Monday to Sunday and runs over 150 martial arts classes per week (view our timetable). Our classes are divided into age groups as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. We also offer specialised classes for competing in MMA, taekwondo or kickboxing, as well as Brazilian Jiu jitsu and women’s only classes.

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy offers specialised classes for competing in MMA, taekwondo or kickboxing. Our students regularly compete in local, interstate and international tournaments with great success. There is no extra charge for being part of the competition program apart from tournament entry fees. Some styles of competition require specific equipment so you may need to purchase this as well as your standard sparring gear. If you would like to compete, then talk to an instructor about attending our specialised competition classes.

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy offers specialised women’s kickboxing classes. These classes are held several times a week and are designed especially for women. They follow the same dynamic Freestyle curriculum as our Adults Program, and ladies are free to train in general classes and the women’s only classes.

At Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy we teach Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts that will teach you to use your whole body through a combination of the arts of Taekwondo, Kick Boxing, Judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu through a dynamic, in-depth and alive mixed martial arts curriculum. This also incorporates streetwise, real-world self-defence skills that actually work! Regular training will improve your overall cardio fitness, strength and flexibility while also providing the opportunity to develop the mental strength you need to deal with life’s challenges.

If your goal is to lose weight but you want to do something more exciting than jogging on a treadmill to keep you motivated, perhaps you should consider kickboxing. Kickboxing training is high intensity and usually lasts for at least an hour. It burns the maximum number of kilojoules or calories per workout and is great for anyone who wants to lose weight and lose it fast. Losing weight comes down to simple mathematics – burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. The average person can burn anywhere from 500 – 900 calories per kickboxing class, which is between one quarter and one third the average daily calories consumed for an adult. The combination of kickboxing with a good diet will help you to lose weight and keep the weight the off! By focussing on eating good food in moderation and doing 2-3 training sessions a week you can expect to kickbox those extra kilograms away!

The combination of martial arts techniques and heart-pumping cardio that make up the Freestyle Kickboxing taught at Premier Academy create a high-energy workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and fat. The cardio-conditioning element of kickboxing is an effective way to burn fat, especially stubborn belly fat, burning an average of 67 percent more calories than resistance training alone. Kickboxing also jumpstarts your metabolism and keeps it going for hours after a session. This means you continue to burn calories long after your workout at Premier Academy has finished.

When it comes to post-workout recovery, always consider the three Rs – Refuel, Repair and Rehydrate! Refuel means replenishing your carbohydrate stores to avoid muscle tissue breakdown and low energy.        Aim for high quality carbohydrates sources such as bananas, sweet potato, wholegrains and cereals.

Repair involves providing the muscles damaged during your kickboxing workout with protein. This will help you to recover more quickly and be ready for your next session.  Try to use lean protein sources such as beans, chickpeas, nuts, legumes, tofu and lean meats. Rehydrate means replacing fluids lost through sweating and breathing. You will need at least a litre of water after every kickboxing session! If weight loss is one of the main reasons you have enrolled in kickboxing classes at Premier Academy then it is vital that you pay attention to getting the three R’s from the cleanest sources possible – focussing on whole foods while avoiding processed foods and empty calories!

Kickboxing exercises and drills improve cardiovascular fitness and endurance, as well as building strength and improving flexibility, so they are perfect for improving overall fitness. It also tones and builds muscles through resistance exercises like push-ups, sit-ups and squats. One of the biggest benefits of training in kickboxing at Premier Academy is that it provides us with the fitness, strength, skill and techniques necessary to protect ourselves if the need arises. Like insurance policies, we hope you never have to defend yourself, but it’s great to have this protection just in case.

If you want a form of exercise to keep you motivated by being more exciting and mindful than jogging on a treadmill, you should consider kickboxing. Many people have the misinformed opinion that kickboxing classes are full of professional fighters learning how to beat people up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Academy are typically full of people like you and me who want to get fitter and stronger, lose weight and make new friends.

Want to improve your fitness for kickboxing? Perhaps you’ve just started kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Academy and want to give your fitness an extra boost? Try this Kickboxing Circuit at home — no equipment required! All you need is a spare 20 minutes.

Repeat the circuit below four times, with a one-minute rest between each circuit.

  1. Star Jumps x 30 seconds
  2. Knee-ups x 30 seconds
  3. Squat Jumps x 30 seconds
  4. Front Kicks x 30 seconds
  5. Burpees x 30 seconds
  6. Mountain Climbers x 30 seconds
  7. Push-ups x 30 seconds

What we do


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