What to Expect at Your First Kickboxing Class ?

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If you are looking to increase strength, confidence, coordination, or you’re just after a kick-ass cardio workout, kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy will keep you coming back for more. Kickboxing is a catch all term that is used to refer to many different forms of martial arts based on striking with the hands and feet. It was originally designed to allow different forms of martial arts like Taekwondo, Karate ad Kung Fu to compete against each other using a common set of rules. It has now become a form of martial art in its own right, and a popular form of exercise for those keen for an exciting and effective workout. 

At Premier Academy you’ll find kickboxing classes focusing on everything from cardio conditioning and self-defence to one-on-one competition in the ring. But deciding which kind of class to attend is just the first step in preparing to raise those fists and feet for the first time.


Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy offers a unique style of kickboxing classes in Perth with training that is fast-paced, explosive and powerful. It is based on a dynamic blend of

  • the hand techniques from western boxing
  • Thai knees and elbows
  • the exciting kicking and footwork from Taekwondo.

This style of kickboxing forms the basis of the striking component of our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum. Premier Academy’s kickboxing instructors are continually refining the skills and techniques that form our curriculum – ensuring that our students are always training in the most modern and progressive system possible. All members learn this system, with kickboxing competition classes available to those who are interested in developing that aspect of their training. These students compete successfully at local, state and national levels after training in our competition kickboxing classes. 

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy  – Western Australia’s most advanced institute of martial arts – is conveniently located in Perth’s northern suburbs, providing excellence in kickboxing classes to the suburbs of Clarkson, Mindarie, Butler, Connolly, Kinross, Merriwa, Ridgewood, Alkimos, Quinns Rocks, Jindalee, Burns Beach, Iluka, Ocean Reef, Joondalup, Currambine, Carramar and Banksia Grove.


How long are kickboxing classes?

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy’s kickboxing classes last for one hour. Each kickboxing class will have the same general structure but the focus of the classes will change as the instructors cycle through our dynamic Freestyle martial arts curriculum. A kickboxing class at Perth’s Premier Academy always starts with a thorough 5 – 10 minute warm-up designed to get your muscles ready to workout. The warmup will be a combination of kickboxing techniques done in a relaxed manner mixed with some cardio to get your blood pumping! The next phase of the kickboxing class will be focused on the particular techniques for that section of the curriculum. 

You may spend 15 – 20 minutes working on specific kicking, boxing or kickboxing combinations. This will then be followed by the application of these skills, either on the pads or with a partner. After 15 – 20 minutes of practical application of your new kickboxing skills the class will typical finish with some strength or cardio conditioning exercises designed improve your overall fitness. You may do some body weight exercises like push ups, sit ups or squats or some cardio rounds on the bags or other targets. The last part of a kickboxing class at Premier Academy is devoted to a good stretch to finish and help your muscles recover from the intense kickboxing workout you have just completed.

Is kickboxing good for beginners?

The answer is most definitely YES! Kickboxing can be an excellent way to get a whole body workout, whether you’re easing back into working out, hitting the gym for the first time, or just looking for a change to your workout. It is helpful to know what’s involved in a kickboxing class for beginners at Premier Martial Art and Fitness Academy – this means you can get up to speed quickly and make the most of your class time. As a beginner, you will get the most effective workout and functional fitness because you will begin at a level that appropriate for you — not for the rest of the class. That’s important for beginners, because it means you won’t feel like everyone in the class is a professional while you’re just an amateur. The instructors at Perth’s Premier Academy will help you push yourself so you can feel confident about progressing quickly, but they will make sure you are not feeling overwhelmed!

Kickboxing is made up of three key areas – boxing, kicking and kickboxing. Boxing involves using your fists and your forearms into offensive and defensive weapons. Most people find Boxing quite natural as it is relatively intuitive to strike with your hands. For this reason most beginners classes at Perth’s Premier Martial Art and Fitness Academy will focus on basic Boxing skills in order to make students feel comfortable. Beginners will learn to jab, cross and hook as well basic front and side covers for defence. 

Kicking involves using your feet and legs as weapons. Perth’s Premier Martial Art and Fitness Academy  draws its kicks from Taekwondo – the advanced kicking martial art from Korea. Common kicks for beginners to learn include push kicks, front kicks, roundhouse kicks and axe kicks. Your legs are very strong and powerful so learning correct kicking techniques is vital. Compared to boxing, you will need a bit more distance between you and your opponent if you are going to utilise your kicking skills!

The third and final element is combining your kicks with your punches in a smooth, flowing manner so that your punches set up your kicks and your kicks set up your punches. At the beginning level most students will strike only with their fists, move around a bit and then strike only with their feet. They kick and then they box – they are not Kickboxing. It takes time and patience to master the ability to combine your kicks with your punches in a fluid, seamless manner  – this is the true art of Premier Academy kickboxing!

Before we get started – congratulations on starting your kickboxing journey. Most Perth people never even get to the first step – actually stepping into kickboxing class! Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for deciding to do something new and challenging. Kickboxing can be challenging for a beginner, but you can get on the fast track to kickboxing mastery by following these four guaranteed ways to speed up your kickboxing development and get the best out of your kickboxing classes.

How can beginners improve their Kickboxing skills?

  1. LISTEN TO YOUR INSTRUCTOR. If you want to get good at kickboxing – and get good as fast as possible – then you need to do what your instructor tells you. Odds are that your instructor knows what he or she is talking about, since they have been teaching students in Perth and elsewhere long before you came along. Have a little trust in the process, stay off the internet and don’t get ahead of the curriculum. Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has developed a well-structured Kickboxing curriculum that allows students to progress at rate that is sustainable for their entire martial arts journey.
  1. MASTER THE BASICS. Everyone thinks the spinning hook kick is sexy and wants to master that in the first week of kickboxing training! But you must resist as there is a reason those sorts of techniques are for later. If you don’t have your basic kicks and punches down pat, then your more advanced variations won’t be very good. Plus, the basics are usually the most effective in sparring, not to mention they are the most practical for self defence. If you want to be a kickboxer someday, you need to stick to the fundamentals. 
  1. PRACTICE REGULARLY. Go to class regularly every week – that goes without saying. If you want to see progress, the instructors at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy recommend that you train 2-3 times per week. If you can fit in an extra session or two you should.  In addition to that you should practice at home, whenever you can spare the time. People who practice their kickboxing at home in between classes improve much faster than their classmates who don’t. Choose one or two techniques to focus on and practice those for four to six weeks, along with some stretching, and you will see rapid improvement!
  1. STRETCH. This overlaps with all of the above tips, but it deserves its own point because it is so important. Not only will it make you better at kickboxing, but it will help prevent injuries and contribute to your overall sense of well-being. Set aside time after every Perth kickboxing class to stretch, as well an extra few stretching sessions at home every week. Make sure you warm up before every stretching session for the best results! The instructors at Premier Academy will teach you specific stretching routines and you should use these at home as well to get the maximum benefit.

Premier Academy’s motto is “Fitness with Meaning”! You don’t have to be in shape or fit, there is no prior experience necessary! If you would like to experience the excitement and challenge of our Kickboxing classes, we invite you to book a trial session.Try Kickboxing Today!