The Perks of Kickboxing That You Need to Know!

The Perks of Kickboxing That You Need to Know

Finding a fun, total body workout can be tough. Discovering the right balance between strength training and cardio is the most important factor in achieving weight-loss and muscle tone. Search no further – kickboxing classes provides a full-body, high-intensity cardiovascular workout. It takes a lot of stamina and endurance to make it through an advanced kickboxing class at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy, but don’t be deterred if you are an absolute beginner – after all, everyone has to start somewhere!

Here are the top five reasons Perth people should add kickboxing classes to their fitness routine:

1. It’s Fun!

Kickboxing will quickly become your favourite workout – you not only get to feel great, but learn useful skills at the same time. It is a definite confidence booster and can make even the shyest of people feel confident and strong. To top it off, joining a kickboxing class is a great way to meet new friends. Classes are typically a good mix between individual training and partner work – so you not only get to work on your technique individually, but have the opportunity to mix things up and work on spotting a partner as well.

2. You Learn Some Self Defence Moves

Kickboxing classes at Premier Academy in Perth incorporate a huge range of moves including punches, kicks, body-weight training, and conditioning exercises that not only keep you moving but also helps you to learn how to drive the most amount of force with the least amount of effort, as well as how to avoid injury. These moves can easily be taken from the punching bag to real life situations if the need should ever arise. Learning to deliver a good punching and kicking combination will not only keep you in shape, but can also keep you feeling confident and safe.

3. Your Entire Body Gets a Workout

How Does Kickboxing Impact My Fitness? Between the punching, kicking, jump rope and circuit training – Kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy are very much a high intensity cardiovascular workout that also forces you to engage all the muscle groups in your body without even realizing it. By using the punching bag, kickboxing pads, or even punching and kicking in the air you are working far more than just your arms and legs. The stability and power that goes into each move helps to tighten and tone your entire body but especially focuses on your waistline as each move requires a good amount of core strength. You will be sore after every class you take – but you won’t regret it once you start to see the results.

4. It’s a Proven Calorie Burner!

As discussed above, the combination of cardio, conditioning and circuit training really requires a lot of core power and is guaranteed to give you that full body workout. The mix of strength training and cardio exercises are ideal in helping you slim down – Kickboxing classes will help the average person burn between 600 and 900 calories per hour long class. When combined with a healthy diet and regular routine – kickboxing can help you transform your body ad meet your fitness goals.

5. It’s Great For Stress Relief

Will Kickboxing Help Me Cope With Stress? You bet it will. If you’ve ever had a hard day – you know how tough it can be to motivate yourself to hit the gym. Kickboxing gives you that perfect reason to channel those stressful vibes and punch it out – literally. Who doesn’t feel better after throwing a few good punches and kicks? Kickboxing classes at Perth’s Premier Academy give you a great workout but also provide a great outlet to channel stress and relax. Not only will you feel energized, but you are sure to feel strong and refreshed as well.