August Family Week

Premier Academy’s Family Week is a chance for students to bring anyone from their family to train alongside them - in any class, all week long. Celebrate your grading and new belt by bringing your child, brother, sister, mum or dad to class with you and give them the chance to experience the fun, dynamic training environment at Premier Academy.

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February 21 Buddy Week

Little Champions + Juniors Buddy week runs from the 22ed of February to the 27th of February . Bring a friend, Mum, Dad, brother or sister to train with you - any class, all week, for free! Show your family and friends where you train and give them a taste of what Premier Academy has to offer.

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Being the Martial Arts Parent

There are critical moments in the stages of martial arts training that most children will go through, including initial enthusiasm, followed by a decline of interest, which can ultimately lead to their premature quitting. Don’t worry, this is quite normal, but what can you do to help your child progress in Martial Arts, so they realize their full potential?

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