The short answer is YES! As children grow, they go through different stages of physical and mental development. One of the most crucial stages, which can have far reaching effects in later life, is when children are first beginning to develop their physical strength and coordination.


Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is a mixed martial arts training facility offering classes seven days a week for Perth teens. The core of our training at Premier Academy is our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum. Our Perth martial arts classes are suitable for all teens. Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy’s black belt instructors are constantly training and refining our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts curriculum to ensure that Perth teens are always provided with the most progressive, effective and modern martial arts experience.


Martial Leadership

The vision of Perth’s Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is to inspire and excite teens through martial arts, and at the same time instil the life skills and character of a true martial artist while upholding important values like courtesy, patience, respect, self-control, integrity and discipline. Premier Academy’s Mixed Martial Arts for Teens program helps Perth teens develop perseverance – a non-quitting spirit to overcome life’s obstacles – as well as self-discipline, high self-esteem, a spirit of constant improvement and an attitude that refuses to give up.

Our constantly refined and Teens martial arts curriculum results in a dynamic and ever-evolving Perth-based martial arts system that combines the best of a diverse range of arts such as taekwondo, boxing, kick boxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The result is true Freestyle Martial Arts – martial arts with no limits!

Our Freestyle Mixed Martial Arts for Teens program will:


The teen years are a great time to get involved with martial arts classes, especially at Perth’s Premier Academy. This period in a teen’s life, where they are transitioning towards becoming an adult, sees them go through constant changes in education, maturity and growth. It’s a great time to add some structure to their lives plus surround them with positive peers and role models with like-minded goals. At Premier Academy each teen is treated equally and is trained to the best of their own ability and potential. A student is never compared to anyone else. At Premier Martial Arts our instructors are there to guide, instruct and motivate teens to be the best that they can be. We develop and inspire Perth teens to be physically and mentally healthy, so they have the energy and resilience to deal with life’s challenges. The rewards will last a lifetime once you begin your martial arts journey. Training in martial arts has many benefits for Perth teens.


Martial arts classes are excellent in developing a teen’s self-esteem and confidence. The self-belief that comes from mastering martial arts techniques and applying them successfully is powerful and will permeate every aspect of your teen’s life. Confident teens are able to resist peer pressure, make better choices and fend off physical and mental bullying. Our Perth-based teens martial arts program will help your teen build their confidence and self-esteem, making them unstoppable!


Martial Arts are designed to train the teen body as well as the teen mind. It teaches teens how to study and to work hard when learning complex techniques. This will soon translate into their schoolwork. Students will learn to apply themselves inside and outside Premier Academy and can expect to start performing better at school as well. Teens learn that they learn better when they get fully involved, whether at school or at Premier Academy.


Respect is a very important concept we teach in our teen martial arts classes. We teach Perth students to not only respect teachers, authority figures, parents, and grandparents, but in fact to respect everyone. This respect for self and others will have a profound impact on their daily lives and enable them to make a positive contribution in the wider Perth community.


At Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy our teens are taught real-world self-defence skills that actually work! For teens, learning to defend themselves if they are physically attacked gives them the confidence and self-belief that enables them to usually avoid these situations before they even happen. Strong, fit and confident teens also make better decisions, resist peer pressure and are able to deal with bullying in a positive manner.


At Premier Academy our teens train hard – not because they are forced but because they want to! Our teen classes are packed with a variety of exercises that will burn fat and tone those muscles. Our martial arts classes will enable Perth teens to become strong, fit and flexible. At Premier Academy we actively promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for our teens!


Getting angry when something doesn’t go as planned is a natural thing. It’s a human emotion that everyone experiences but is often hardest to control as a teen. When that anger is used in the wrong way or takes control of our actions it often creates bigger problems. We teach teens how to focus that anger into a positive and use it to their advantage! Premier Academy’s Perth martial arts classes for teens will also provide a valuable source of stress relief, allowing teens to deal with the large variety of pressures they are confronted with in teenage life.


Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy seeks to develop and encourage future leaders, one black belt at a time. As a student is working towards earning their black belt, they are also becoming a leader in every aspect of their life, including school, home and other activities. To further foster this development, we also have a specialised Leadership Program where teens are taught the skills needed to help out in martial arts classes. Teens in this program complete regular training and seminars and help instruct some of our youngest students. If teens show an aptitude for instructing, they can also train to become a qualified instructor through our Leadership Program. All of Premier Academy’s instructors are the product of our Leadership Program.

How do I Get Started?

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is open Monday to Sunday and runs over 150 classes per week (view our timetable). Our teen martial arts classes are divided into age groups as well as beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. We also offer specialised classes for competing in MMA, taekwondo or kickboxing, as well as Brazilian Jiu jitsu and women’s only classes. You don’t have to be in shape and there is no prior experience necessary.

If you would like to experience the excitement and challenge of teens martial arts at Premier Academy, we invite you to come in and visit our school to begin your FREE Introductory Mixed Martial Arts lesson. You will have the opportunity to speak with the instructors and meet our friendly, professional staff. Through this free introductory lesson, you will get a first-hand understanding of the excitement, energy, empowerment, and life changing benefits of training in teen martial arts at our Perth Academy.