We are facing a time of unprecedented changes to our daily lives which is unlike anything we have experienced before. It is hard to predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone what may happen next week. Despite this uncertainty, Premier Academy is striving to be prepared as much as possible in order to continue to provide the best possible outcomes for our members, our staff and all of our families.

Staying Fit, Motivated, Inspired and Active is going to be a vital key to our well-being, and as I am sure you all know I firmly believe training is the answer!

Over the past week myself and the Premier team have been preparing a variety of strategies to make sure you can continue to keep active, fit, motivated and inspired, while protecting the health of you and your loved ones. These strategies have focused on three key areas – Grading, Our Timetable and Online Training.

As you are no doubt aware by now, we have moved our gradings forward by ten days to make sure all members have the best chance to complete their grading while satisfying the Federal Governments requirements for social distancing. Gradings start on Monday March 23, and run Tuesday (24/3), Wednesday (25/3), Thursday (26/3), Saturday (28/3) and finish on Sunday (29/3) with the Black Belt grading. However, please be prepared for changes at short notice depending on the situation. At this stage, please note following:

No classes will be running during gradings (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat & Sun) – there are classes as normal on Friday (27/3) ALL gradings will be divided into smaller groups to ensure a maximum of 12 students on the floor at one time to meet social distancing guidelines Please remember the strict one spectator per student policy for this grading to enable us to comply with social distancing guidelines All our Active members will receive one FREE target per family to help you get started with our Online Training curriculum – these can be collected from Premier Academy during grading or during the week after grading If you cannot make the scheduled grading session we will arrange a make-up grading at no extra charge

Online Training
The instructors have been working overtime to create a fantastic online training system that you can access via our website. Using this system you will be able to continue your training from home so we can inspire you virtually to keep evolving on your martial arts journey. Our online learning system will aim to give members the best possible martial arts experience in their own home. This way your training needs can be met if you should have to stay home for any reason. This system will go live immediately following our gradings, from Monday March 30. Look out for an email containing instructions on how to access this system on this date.

Our Timetable
We will continue to use our current class times but continually monitor student numbers on each floor to maintain social distancing guidelines by splitting students into smaller classes where needed. We have also removed all furniture from the Waiting Area to encourage parents to drop students off and wait outside.

If stricter social distancing guidelines are introduced, and there is widespread closure of schools, we have prepared a new timetable designed to cope with this situation. This new timetable will feature:

Classes running all day from 8.00 AM in the morning until 9.00 PM at night, seven days a week, with gaps between classes to allow students to arrive and leave without coming into contact with other classes

Classes limited to 10 students each, with online pre-booking required for all classes No spectators for classes – strictly drop off and pick up only as the Waiting Area and the outside area will be closed to parents and siblings We will continue to monitor the situation daily, but for now there is no indication of how long these changes will continue to affect us. We will be striving to keep all of our facilities, classes, services and instructors in place through the modification of our timetable and the evolution of our online training curriculum.

Premier Academy has always aimed to ensure our training is the best available and that will not change as we adapt to these new circumstances. Every problem brings it’s own opportunities, and we believe strategies like our online training curriculum will provide a great way for parents to further understand our curriculum and get involved with their kids in having a great time training together at home. In the meantime, keep coming to as many classes as you can while you can!

In summary:
  • Gradings start Monday March 23 and run through to Sunday March 29 with no more than 12 students per grading (although change may occur – check your email daily!)
  • All of our Active members will receive a free target to facilitate training at home We have a flexible timetable available if needed due to stricter social distancing measures
  • Our online training system will be available from Monday March 30

  • We would like to thank all of our members again for their continued support during these challenging times – remember to stay healthy, look after your loved ones and spread compassion and kindness wherever you can.

    Zak Jovanov
    Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy