March 16 Update for Premier Members regarding COVID19 (novel coronavirus)


We would like to update our members on the precautions we are taking to address the current COVID19 situation.

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy is closely monitoring all available information provided by the Federal and West Australian Departments of Health, and the West Australian Combat Sports Commission, in relation to the current pandemic. We are using this information, and its regular updates to inform the strategies we develop to prioritise the health and safety of our members and staff.

Our Current Strategies Premier Academy has already implemented a range of strategies to cope with the current COVID19 outbreak.
These strategies include:
  • Having hand sanitiser and disinfectant wipes available at Reception and on all training floors Altering our training plans to eliminate as much direct contact between students as possible – our classes will remain challenging and focus on students improving their techniques
  • Moving our gradings forward by ten days to start next week on Monday March 23 and run through to Sunday March 29
  • Increasing our cleaning frequency and coverage to make sure high frequency touch-points are disinfected on a daily basis
  • Making sure that members and staff who are unwell or show signs of cold or flu symptoms stay home until they have recovered

  • Our Future Strategies Premier Academy has planned a range of strategies to cope with future developments, such as:
  • If schools are required to close, but the general population is not in strict lock-down
  • Altering our timetable to reduce the total number of people onsite – classes will be available during the day and evening
  • Setting a maximum number of students per class with a requirement that you must pre-book your place in class via our website
  • A strict one spectator per Little Champion training in each class A strict no spectators policy for all classes other than Little Champions If the general population is required to be in strict lock-down
  • All of our classes will be available online for students to train at home – these video classes are already in production
  • There will be different classes available for each program every week Students will be provided with an immersive and complete home study program

  • We are all facing a challenging time over the coming months. I am asking for our Premier family to support us during this difficult time as we strive to continue to provide the highest level of service to our students. Let’s work together to keep continuity in our students training and progress through the necessary stages ahead.

    We would like to thank all of our members in anticipation of their continued support over the coming months.

    Yours sincerely
    Zak Jovanov
    Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy

    PS Our current timetabled classes are still running as normal!