Leadership Seminar – Saturday 24 June 2023

Premier Teens

Our next Leadership Seminar is on Saturday June 24, from 12.00 – 3.00 PM. This seminar is compulsory for all current Leadership Team members, as well as being the entry point for new members. At the seminar you will receive training to help you improve your public speaking skills, as well as become more confident in leading students through drills. We will also work towards becoming inspirational coaches, and understanding of our training cycles.  
If you meet ANY of the following criteria you can attend the Leadership Seminar:
Junior students aged 9 or older AND Green Belt Black Stripe or Above Teen / Adult students Yellow Belt or Above Current or past Leadership Program members
Being in the Leadership Program requires that you commit to helping out in one class each week, as well attending a special training session once a month and our Leadership Seminars, which are held three times a year. If you meet the above criteria, and you think this is for you, register for the Leadership Seminar by clicking on this link: www.premieracademy.com.au/leadership-team-register We look forward to seeing you at the Leadership Seminar!