If you explore the word courage is has two parts to it – the word “RAGE” and the “prefix co”. By breaking this word down, it may explain what the word courage is in simple terms. Courage is not about rage, but it might be about coordinated rage.

What does that mean?

Through martial arts YOU coordinate your rage. Instead of being an angry rage, it is a powerful form of rage which helps you to stand and fight through any challenge while allowing you choose how to fight. This equals being COURAGEOUS.

Martial Arts helps you make choices, which stretch beyond the physical sense of fight and flight.

The Martial Arts begin first in mental zones, they help you think, they help you feel and then help you make the right decision physically.

Do you stand your ground? Do you run away? Do you accept the challenge but decide to withdraw the challenge!


The Art you learn over the years will help you make the right decisions. Making the right decision is COURAGE. It’s something that you will feel with time, rather than receive.

True Martial Arts teaches you that courage is not always about winning, but it is also about falling as many times as you need to, and picking yourself up again and again and again. Courage is supreme above fear.

How will you learn Courage through martial arts?

As a novice to martial arts you will undoubtedly be afraid of being hurt or even hurting someone. You may fall many many times and you may even cry, and you most likely won’t want to come back for another session and even quit. More than 80% of students that start any Martial Arts quit in the first year because of that reason.

Martial Arts teaches you to tap into that part of yourself which gives you faith in your ability to stand up and face you fears, face your opponents time and time again until courage enables you to be comfortable in that environment.

With time you will reach a level of confidence where you can face your opponents, obstacles and your fears. Martial arts teaches you how to use this ability to face any situation in LIFE.

This progressive building of confidence its symbolised by the belts you acquire in Martial Arts. For example, the White belt symbolises naivety, lack of experience, and perhaps fear of the unknown. As you progress through the belts you build COURAGE until you reach the Black Belt which symbolises mastery.

Mastery is the ability to know how to use your courage, to stay and fight, or to walk away.

Martial Arts helps you extend yourself to find the bravery you were born with.

How do I get started?

Premier Martial Arts and Fitness Academy has locations in Woodvale and Clarkson that put the majority of Perth’s northern suburbs within 10 minutes drive. Our schools are open Monday to Sunday, with martial arts classes are available for kids, teens and adults on weekdays and also on the weekend. You don’t have to be in shape and there is no prior experience necessary. 

If you would like to experience the benefits of training at Premier Academy, we invite you to come in and visit us in Woodvale or Clarkson for your FREE Introductory lesson. You will have the opportunity to speak with the instructors and meet our friendly, professional staff. Through this free introductory lesson, you will get a first-hand understanding of the excitement, energy, empowerment, and life changing benefits of martial arts training at our Perth Academy.