New Normal At Premier Martial Arts

I mentioned that things would be back to normal, however, these days everywhere you go you hear about the “new normal”. What does that mean for Premier Martial Arts, but mostly, what does that mean to you when you decide to train martial arts?

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Junior Martial Arts Leadership Program for Kids

August Buddy Week

Little Champions + Juniors Buddy week runs from the 17th of August to the 21st of August. Bring a friend, Mum, Dad, brother or sister to train with you – any class, all week, for free! Show your family and friends where you train and give them a taste of what Premier Academy has to offer.

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Something to be happy about

We have now reached a moment in Zen. Businesses are starting to open, people are starting to go back to work and there’s a buzz in the streets, as COVID-19 is slowly being conquered by Australia. So this gives rise to Happiness, and that’s what we’ll explore today – Happiness from the perspective of Martial Arts.

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Kindness & Martial Arts

Today’s theme is Achievement and how training in the martial arts embody this concept and help you reach your personal achievement goals.

But what does Achievement mean?
The Oxford dictionary defines achievement as “a thing done successfully with effort, skill or courage”. That definition will sound very familiar to anyone involved in the martial arts. In fact, life’s greatest achievement is for the human spirit to rise up to make the most of the opportunities and the resources that are available to it

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May News

Welcome Back!
As enjoyable as we found the online classes, it has been fantastic to see our students return to training at the Academy this week. The instructors were blown away by the energy and enthusiasm of our students training in their first classes for seven weeks! The first day back on Monday May 18 saw just over 200 students return to training in 23 classes – an average of just under 9 students per class! We are looking forward to seeing the rest of our members returning to training as the week progresses. Students and their families can rest assured that our new timetable and operating procedures are creating a safe and enjoyable training environment.

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