Questions About Premier Academy?

We often hear concerns such as “I have no coordination, I am not flexible enough, I am not fit enough”, but remember, you train to get fit. You don’t need to get fit to train. Everyone works at their own level at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness – go as hard or easy as you want. We start every class with a specific warm up so you will be ready for the training that follows. Training in the martial arts will provide you with improved flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle strength and muscle tone, not to mention fat loss. You will notice an improvement with each class.
Costs vary depending on which program(s) you are interested in, how many people from your family are joining (we offer substantial family discounts) and what payment method you choose (fortnightly, monthly, or upfront). We will work out a cost specific to your situation when you come in for your introductory lessons.
For your introductory lessons wear loose fitting athletic clothing that is suitable for training eg shorts or track pants and a t-shirt . Once you become a member of one of our martial arts programs you will need to purchase a Premier Martial Arts and Fitness uniform from our Academy shop. Your uniform should always be clean, ironed and worn with our belt. “Fight to Be Fit” members wear suitable gym clothing of their choice.
The bow is perhaps one of the most misunderstood traditions in martial arts. The bow is done to show humility and is used to express a lack of arrogance. In addition, it serves as a sign of mutual respect between teachers and students and between practitioners and opponents. You should bow when you enter a training area – think of this as clearing your mind of daily problems and events, so that you are concentrating on the training ahead. Just as you bow when you enter the training area, you should bow when you leave. This signifies that your training on the mat has finished. At our Academy all martial arts classes are started by bowing towards the instructor to show our respect and gratitude for their teaching. Bowing should be done between two partners prior and immediately after training together. Bowing before working with your partner shows that you are alert and ready. The bow after shows gratitude to the other person for helping us to improve our skills and for the care they have taken to avoid injuring us during training.
There is no single style of martial arts that is taught at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness. The instructors at Premier Martial Arts and Fitness are constantly refining the Academy’s curriculum, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving martial arts system that combines the best of a diverse range of arts such as taekwondo, boxing, kick boxing, wrestling and Brazilian jui jitsu. The result is true Freestyle Martial Arts – martial arts with no limits!

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